Sunday, December 31, 2017

Special Feature - Maurizio Bernocchi

Meet Maurizio Bernocchi. He is a man of many hats: a radio speaker, a model, an actor and an impersonator of the Instagram famous Gianluca Vacchi.

Maurizio hosts his own radio show called Ciao Bellini, which you can listen to on (or the 710 digitale terrestre channel, if you are in Italy) Monday through Friday from 11:00 to 12:00. Ciao Bellini is a show that focuses on news and gossip, but with a comic twist. It has been on air for 9 months now and has been a success thanks to Maurizio's comic talent and unique voice.

The showman has been approached for modelling gigs as well and has been featured in lookbooks for fashion brands. He bears  a striking resemblance to Italian social media mogul Gianluca Vacchi: silver hair, statement glasses and eerily similar features. He was even born on the same day, august 5!

Maurizio's next project is working as the general organizer on my husband's new movie "Sorelle di sangue" which we are going to start shooting in early 2018. So stay tuned! :)

If you wish to book Maurizio Bernocchi for events, you can drop him a message at

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