Thursday, January 25, 2018

Serbags - Where Beauty Meets Function

Bags... I could write a novel about them! They come in many shapes and sizes to match our personalities and lifestyles, but in recent years  there has been heavy emphasis on fashion as opposed to function in the world of accessories. (An unfortunate thing for me, a new mother who packs 20 lbs of stuff every time I leave the house).

But who said that we need to choose between style and functionality? It is truly a luxurious feeling to be able to put everything you need in a fashionable bag without needing to worry about space constraints and Serbags, a Los Angeles-based bag company is set to offer you just that. 

They make high-quality messenger bags and backpacks for women and men that are not only practical but also pack a lot of personality. They come in a wide range of styles and materials and in a beautiful color palette of neutral, natural shades from tobacco brown to sandy yellow.

Serbags' mission is to help you find the perfect bag for you. This is why they offer so many different designs that can be loved by people from all walks of life. Their canvas shoulder bags are a favorite with young professionals, creative souls and urban artists, while the vintage inspired canvas & leather backpacks are perfect for outdoor adventurers, busy students and world travelers. All Serbags bags offer organization, convenience and utility as well as a super stylish touch to your casual looks.

Their trademark rugged aesthetic and vintage look is not only insanely cool, but it also comes with a bonus: your favorite bag will serve you for many years and it will only look better with age. 

The great thing about Serbags - besides their amazing bags, that is - is their commitment to their values and to environmental and social responsibility. That is the kind of company we need more of, if you ask me!

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  1. Thanks for the great bags collection. So cute <3

    Anna from


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