Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Aiblii Wayfarers - Polarized Style

There are many reasons I love sunglasses: they are an instantly stylish finishing touch to any outfit, they give you that coveted movie star look and, most of all, they let you enjoy the sunshine without squinting and discomfort. I admit that I also use them for "hiding" when I'm not in the mood for interacting with people or when I don't feel like I look my best. It can't be just me, right?

I just got these new polarized beauties last week and I'm amazed at how well made and stylish they are, especially considering their price tag of €26. I have received them as a gift from the brand Aiblii, but I would definitely pay for them - they look and feel as high quality as a pair of designer glasses that costs ten times as much. They are sturdy and the polarized lenses are absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend them highly enough! 



I think we can all agree that tea is not just a nice beverage, but a worldwide tradition, a beautiful ritual and a way of life. Nil├╝fer Tea, a Japanese artisanal tea brand, helps you bring this tradition into your life with their 100% organic herbal teas. Their naturally caffeine-free blends are made with flowers, dried fruits and herbs, mixed to perfection for maximum enjoyment and health benefits. They have the perfect tea for every moment, so be sure to check out their website and shop their selection. Also, follow @nilufer_tea on Instagram, because their photos are stunning! ;)

We all know how important education is: it helps our children achieve their dreams and secure their future. "The Everyday Student" is an E-book that helps students learn more and learn better by optimizing their study time and improving their memory. It provides them with useful tips on how to study the right way and is an invaluable resource for students of all ages and their parents whose influence can greatly affect their children's results. It is never too early to invest in your kids' future!

Noha Elrefaie's collections of contemporary statement jewelry are for the urban woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to show her personality to the world through her choice of unconventional accessories. Each unique, handcrafted piece from the brand Oriental Glamour, while rooted in the culture of Egypt and the Middle East, is an ode to modern femininity: the brightly colored stones set in sterling silver or gold plated brass are a simple and powerful way to make a fashion statement and accessorise your outfit from morning to night.

Jewelry made of natural materials possesses unique beauty and charm that are near impossible to replicate. German artisan jewelry brand Soul Slices captures the essence of wood and transforms it into wearable art. Their wooden earrings and wood slice necklaces are engraved with spiritual symbols and artistic images and they are an absolute delight to look at... and to wear! They also offer customization services to create for you the exact piece of jewelry you want, engraved with your own design or writing.


  1. Classy and very elegant sunglasses!


  2. Beautiful jacket :)


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