Monday, February 12, 2018

Rainbow Giraffe

In the middle of this cold and rainy season we were lucky to get a couple of hours of lovely spring sunshine this weekend. It was the perfect occasion to debut what's probably going to become my go-to casual outfit this spring: suede sneakers, a rainbow giraffe print sweater (seriously, how pretty is this print?) and a pair of cropped and distressed jeans that fit juuust right - not too loose and not too skinny. Love them!

Sweater: Zaful
Jeans: Zaful
Sneakers: Kiabi
Glasses: Aiblii
Earrings: Zaful

Take advantage of the 2018 Zaful special promotion and use the coupon code ZafulChen to get 10-20% off your purchase!



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Most dog owners would agree that dressing up their four-legged friends, buying them toys and cute accessories is one of the most fun parts of taking care of a pet. They show us their love in so many ways, so it is only natural that we want to pamper them in return. My Dapper Doggy is an online store that offers a range of fashionable (and useful!) dog accessories, including little jackets to protect them from the cold, car accessories and even dog sofas. Check out their awesome selection and get your doggy a gift or two - they deserve it!

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We all like to shop at stores that offer a wide range of products for us to choose from... and if those products are high quality and also affordable, we feel like we hit the jackpot! Calibre Apparel is exactly that kind of store. They have an incredible selection of men's, women's and children's apparel and bags at discounted prices that are shipped to your doorstep from US warehouses. Calibre Apparel works directly with the official US representatives of the brands they carry to make sure all their products are authentic.

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