Friday, March 9, 2018

KIDZMIXFLIX - Educational Music Videos for Your Kids in 5 Languages

In this day and age it is becoming increasingly important to introduce our children to different languages as early as possible. Globalization is real and businesses are no longer confined within country borders thanks to the endless possibilities the internet offers and the ease of getting from one point of the globe to the other in a matter of hours. There is a high chance that our children will be living and working in an international environment, with people from all over the world.

I am raising my daughter bilingual and I have noticed what an incredible difference it makes to her vocabulary and verbal skills in general to watch cartoons in both of her native languages.

If you are looking for a way to introduce your kids to foreign languages (or just need to make them sit still for a few minutes while also watching something useful) check out KIDZMIXFLIX.

This YouTube channel has a vast number of music videos for young kids in various languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. They are all fun and educational, and all in all really useful for both the children and their parents (and grandparents, too!).

Their videos include the newly uploaded DINOSAURS AND JUNGLE ANIMALS music videos, ANIMAL MIX-2 for TODDLERS and 12 original music videos for the really young ones. 

For years Sunroof Music has successfully written, produced and released outstanding kid's products on the music market. They have created some of the most iconic cartoons in recent decades, including: Smurfs, Paddington Bear, Dinosaurs, Postman Pat, Donald Duck, Babar, Spot the Dog, Bump the Elephant, Rupert Bear, to name just a few.

The Smurf albums, written and produced by Barrie Corbett and Frans Erkelens, sold millions and millions world-wide both in the late seventies/early eighties and in the nineties/early 2000, winning several awards including gold and platinum disks in various countries and a GRAMMY award nomination for the American “Best of Friends” Smurf album.

Subscribe to the KIDZMIXFLIX YouTube channel for hours upon hours of educational entertainment for your little ones!

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  1. Well done, Anett. It looks very nice. Here's hoping to get loads of views and subscribers!! Cheers, Frans


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