Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March Fashion Favorites

Don't you guys just love the internet? Seriously, it is an endless source of information and entertainment and it has completely revolutionized the world of fashion. There are millions of clothes and accessories currently being sold online and it is both a curse and a blessing. Of course, we all love that country borders are no longer a concern when it comes to clothes shopping, but how do we find the best designs without spending days on end in front of our screens?

Well, for a start take a look at these online stores that are officially my favorites this month:


Nothing spells femininity like silk and pearls. If you are looking for a unique accessory to stand out from the crowd this season, take a look at KNOTTY, a new line of necklaces made of 100% silk and pearls that are just as elegant and ladylike as they sound. They come in a variety of beautiful printed silk fabrics so you can get one to match all of your outfits. Visit their store on Etsy and don't be shy to get Knotty! ;)

Marc Alex Fashion is an Austrian Label that designs beautiful bags for customers with great expectations of quality, tradition and exclusivity. They use exotic premium leather and fur in their otherwise classic designs to make them truly exclusive. Their Chameleon Bag is exactly what we modern women need: its front and backsides can easily be changed from romantic to dressy and you can personalize your bag with changeable handles and straps! Visit their online store or stop by their flagship at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna!

I first tried argan oil 4 years ago and it has immediately become one of my favorite beauty and hair care ingredients. It's incredible what it does to my skin and hair! The ARGANRain anti hair loss shampoo is formulated expertly using organic argan oil and plant based ingredients to make your hair grow faster, give it vitality and stop hair loss, and the ARGANRain organic argan oil for extra hair care will give it a powerful health boost.

The fun thing about wrist watches is that they have the power to instantly transform your outfit. Choose a stainless steel model for a sleek professional look you can wear to the office, a gold and white one to highlight your femininity on formal occasions or experiment with colors to match your clothes. Visit Olivine Paris and get a couple of fashionable watches to complement your spring looks. They have something for every taste and they offer free shipping on all USA orders!

If you have a little girl, you'll probably agree that one of the most fun parts of this whole parenting gig is dressing her up like a princess. The aptly named is an online boutique that is every little girl's (and mom's) dream. They are clearly on a mission to make our baby girls look and feel like princesses, as they have the most amazing formal dresses (think flower girl and party dresses) made of the prettiest tulle, organza and lace. 100% recommended.

Beach season is upon us and if you haven't yet decided what to wear this summer, it is definitely time to start thinking about it! Especially, when it comes to swimwear - so you have one more motivation to get in shape :) Visit, they have a beautiful selection of the trendiest swimwear designs, from velvet bikinis to cut-out one pieces to vintage style ruffled numbers. Be sure to check out their super trendy beach cover up and accessory collections as well.

The warm season calls for accessories that are trendy, made of natural materials and, most of all, are fun to wear! The layered leather bracelets over at are absolutely stunning and made of real, high quality leather. They are sold as men's bracelets, but will look just as amazing on us girls and will add an instant coolness factor to our casual looks. Not to mention that they also make great gift ideas to the men in our lives!

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