Wednesday, March 14, 2018

PUGONA ROCK CLUB - Cuteness with a Purpose

VENEZUELA large work bag by Pugona Rock Club

Fashion brands that make great clothing and accessories become instant favorites with the fashion savvy, but the brands that also make it their goal to help others will always have a special place in our hearts.

Vinny the Pug and his brand PUGONA ROCK CLUB created by Vinny's human friend Allen Kimble is exactly what we need more of in this day and age: a creative and unique brand that not only delivers value to its customers but also strives to give back.

Specifically, Pugona Rock Club is a division of CLUB NO-KILL 2027 which is on a global, 10-year quest to move the world towards ending the killing of healthy sheltered pets. The amazing fashion items generated by the club will only be available from Animal Shelters, Pet Rescues and Stray Cat Alliances. It's about time we do something about the killing of innocent animals and instead focus on spaying and neutering them to drastically reduce the number of cats, dogs and other healthy animals that find themselves in kill shelters, waiting for a sure death.

Why the name "Pugona Rock Club", you might ask? Well, it just so happens that Vinny the Pug loves rock climbing (you heard that right) and he and Allen use his images on the brand's bags, mugs and other accessories.

SEDONA small office bag by Pugona Rock Club

Help Vinny and Allen launch their brand by supporting the PUGONA ROCK CLUB  Kickstarter campaign. Pledge your help to get the chance to take home either The VENEZUELA or SEDONA bag from the brand's collection. The winners will be announced two weeks after the completion of the campaign. 

EARLY BIRD REWARD: The sooner you pledge your support to the brand, the more amazing prizes you can win. Early Bird backers gets to choose from one of the three World Famous Cities Coffee mugs by PRC: London, Paris or Berlin. 

In all, there are 21 great rewards for visitors who pledge their financial support. Visit their Kickstarter page for more information!

Also, check out this cute video about Vinny and his designs!

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