Friday, March 16, 2018

7 Ways to Have Fun with Your Lingerie

When we think about changing up our look for the new season, we usually start with a new hair cut, buy fresh makeup in new, spring appropriate colours and textures, invest in a few key pieces of trendy apparel inspired by the latest runway shows and fashion magazines, and a new pair of shoes (or three). However, there is an important part of our wardrobe that is often overlooked: our underwear.

Unfortunately, for a lot of women it is merely an afterthought. They buy a new set when they need to throw out an old one and they think about it as a necessity instead of what it really is: a treat to ourselves and our significant other. Not to mention that it is an integral piece of our look, just like our coat, shoes, hair or makeup. 

While it is true that not many people see our underwear in our day-to-day lives - ideally it is just one person - but the one who sees it is the most important man (or woman) in our lives, so the time and money that you invest in looking good in your lingerie is never wasted.

So it is time to make your underwear closet as stylish and impeccable as the rest of your wardrobe! 

There is also the fact that you can have tons of fun with your lingerie. Since only your significant other will see you in your underwear, you can basically wear whatever you want under your clothes, no matter how daring or sexy the design.

In collaboration with SeriouslySensual, an online destination for all things sexy and adventurous, we put together a by no means comprehensive list of ways to spice up your underwear drawer and become the shining star of your own bedroom.


Black, white and tan are the timeless classics we probably all have in our closets, and they are also the ones that go best with the rest of our clothing, but that is not an excuse not to experiment with other exciting colours. Have you ever thought about wearing grey underwear? You should! It exudes elegance and sophistication. Pink - from blush to rose to fuchsia - is the go-to colour if you want to exalt your femininity. Wear brown for a mature and seductive look or add a touch of purple for more drama. Metallic colours like gold, bronze or silver can give your underwear a luxurious look and make you feel like a queen. 

Vintage Style

The vintage lingerie look, inspired by pinup girls and cabaret stars, is loved by women (and men!) all over the world, but not everyone has the courage to wear it. Be daring and spice up your nighttime look with corsets, gloves, garters, satin bows and high waisted panties. Corsets are especially fun to wear: not only do they look beautiful, but they will also help you achieve that coveted hourglass figure and a slimmer waist. You can even wear them all day under your office outfit and surprise your partner when you get home!

Magic moments corset

Cut outs

Imaginative cut outs turn a simple set of underwear into a work of art. Use them to highlight your best features and pique imagination. If you feel particularly daring, you can even try a style that covers very, very little - if anything at all. 

Frills and lace

Sure, sporty bras and granny panties are a comfortable choice for every day, but what happened to all the little girly details that once were an indispensable feature of women's lingerie? Don't be afraid of frilly shorts, tiny bows, crystals and lace appliques - these pretty little trimmings are meant to make your underwear prettier and make you and your partner happy!

Elegant prints

Solid colours are great and they are easy to wear, mix and match, but if you really want to have fun, try wearing lingerie made of printed fabrics. If you want to stay classy and avoid looking like a teenager (not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you are over 20, you probably want to look a bit more mature), stick with florals and abstract prints in few well-chosen colors. I can guarantee that you will really enjoy wearing them.

Mon amour corset

Transparent inserts

This is probably my favourite! Transparent inserts in underwear are classy, modern and extremely sexy. Even the most basic set of bra and panties will resemble a strip show costume (in a good way, of course) if it is spiced up by a few strategically placed transparent inserts. If you are not a shy girl, try a set that is made entirely out of sheer mesh fabric. You will love it!

Deep V teddy

Sexy night gowns

It's time to throw out those old flannel pyjamas and start wearing something more exciting to bed. Night gowns, baby dolls and chemises made of silky fabrics and lace, mini nightdresses made of mesh fabric and robes that cover you just enough to leave some room for the imagination are all things that will make you feel beautiful and confident in bed. 

What are your favourite things to wear under your outfit of the day? If you like to keep things girly and sexy, or just feel like experimenting a bit, then buy sexy lingerie from They have everything you might need for a special night... or day: sexy lingerie, nightwear, club wear and all the accessories you can imagine, including body jewellery, garters and nipple pasties. 

If you are looking for a fun anniversary, bachelorette party, special occasion or just-because gift idea, you couldn't come to a better place. Surprise your partner or best friend with one of the fun lingerie sets or accessories!

Once you're on the website, you might want to read their aptly named Help & Advice column that shares helpful advice for people who want to have fun in the bedroom (which is basically everyone, am I right?).  You will also love their free sexy Spotify playlists that will help you set the right tone for a very special evening! :)

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