Saturday, April 7, 2018

Black, Blush and White

The first warm, T-shirt-only spring day is always special. It makes me dream of the coming summer and think of all the fun we're going to have. 

Just like most people, I'm unsurprisingly a huge fan of pastels for spring, so here I am wearing my new white, black and pink shirt with my favorite ripped jeans.

Also, I get a kick out of wearing distressed jeans with super high heels - I just love the contrast of shabby and elegant. 

Shirt: Shein



When it comes to skincare, food and fabrics - the more natural, the better. Our skin is our largest organ so it is especially important to carefully choose the products we use to preserve its health and beauty. Blue Lotus Essentials is a brand I can personally vouch for as I have been using their products and they are exceptionally good. They specialize in all natural and holistic bath and body products that are custom made for their customers. Stay tuned for my detailed review!

If you are a parent, now that it's spring you are probably looking to add some new pieces to your kid's wardrobe (or just buy all new everything because they've grown so much...). Visit and shop their selection of beautiful and fun infant bodysuits with cute writings that you can also get in a set with the same design for mom's or dad's t-shirt. They also offer some great leggings and tees for your little ones, so  be sure to check them out!

In terms of recharging your energies, nothing comes close to a good night's sleep, and there is no better way to rest than in total darkness. Unfortunately this is not always possible, but there is an easy solution to this problem: the Sleep Mask by Golden Ark will completely shut out the outside world and let you rest in darkness and comfort. This sleeping mask for women comes with fully adjustable and flexible straps and its unique 3D contoured shape will not restrain your eyelids or even smudge your make up. This eye mask is a must have for beauty sleep!

If you love dogs and quirky footwear, you're going to love these dog print slip-ons by Pawparazzi. They feature a full front-toe canvas print and have an elastic stretch in-step for easy on-and-off use as well as soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort. They are made of high-quality canvas for everyday use and have a durable EVA outsole for exceptional traction. They offer many breeds to choose from - just select slip-ons to view or use their search box to enter the breed of your choice. Pawparazzi...where pawfection is guaranteed!

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  1. Arnett, I wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog while I wasn't writing for awhile... I missed writing so much and I missed following my blogs... I know I need to take it slow so I don't burn out.

    I also wanted to say your daughter is such a sweet doll... I'm sure she's a handful but that stage goes by so quickly xox ❤


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