Saturday, April 7, 2018

Handcrafted African Jewelry by Cultural Fusion

I have always been fascinated by fashion designs that are rooted in tradition. There is just something magical about wearing an item that is similar to what our ancestors might have worn, and the traditional techniques that are passed down from generation to generation through centuries often require great skill and painstaking effort, making these pieces even more precious.

If you love original African jewelry and accessories, you need to check out Cultural Fusion. This South African brand brings you stunning handmade artisanal items from the African continent. They define themselves as edgy, fresh and progressive, and are a beautiful example of African heritage and culture that are now enjoyed and loved by trendsetters all over the world.

You don't need to rock head-to-toe traditional attire to wear them either - all of these designs can be worn with your modern casual or dressy clothes, which proves how this kind of craftsmanship stands the test of time. 
The brands signature pieces are their showstopping statement necklaces. They come in a rainbow of colors and different materials including cow bones and handcrafted beads. Wear them to the office with a crisp white shirt to add an original touch to your workday look (and be the envy of your colleagues) or use them to spice up your favorite little black dress for cocktail hour. 
With summer just around the corner you might want to take a look at the Tikar tribal bangles from Sudan and the handwoven bucket bags made by female Kenyan artisans. They will become your favorite beach accessories for years to come, and by purchasing them you can support a community of hard working women on the other side of the globe who deserve to be acknowledged for their incredible skills.

Wearing these handcrafted pieces of art is not the only way you can enjoy them. Many of them come with a display stand so you can also use them to decorate your home in a uniquely stylish way!

The artisans who work with Cultural Fusion are paid fair wages so they can suppor their families with their work, so you can feel good about purchasing from them.

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