Saturday, April 28, 2018

Treat Yourself to a Gift - Shopping Guide

We all deserve to treat ourselves to something new and pretty every once in a while. It can be something you use and enjoy every day, or a special gift that you just really, really want. Either way, who better than yourself can choose the perfect treat that will make your day - and serve you for years to come?

This post is a compilation of awesome fashion items that could be your perfect gift to yourself... or a loved one.


Clothing that is fashionable, comfortable and makes you feel and look good is pretty much the holy grail of fashion. The Doublehood Sweatshirt available on is not your regular sweatshirt - it is made of the loveliest cotton fabric that is about as soft as it gets and it has a great slim fit which doesn't add bulk, unlike most sweatshirts. I would know, last time I wore my DubHood was earlier today. And the best part? It comes in 50+ beautiful color and print combos!

Pixie Shadow Craft

Ph: Naomi Reed Photography
If you are a modern day warrior who is inspired by the fierce style of the Mother of Dragons or Skyrim, you need to check out Pixie Shadow Craft, an Etsy shop that sells handmade armor and jewelry, combining old world techniques and modern day aesthetics. They specialize in handcrafted dragonscale and chainmail armors, mermaid inspired accessories and nu goth style titanium jewelry, perfect for festivals like Burning Man. These jewelry designers are on a mission to make your fantasy a reality.

Landes Apparel

Sparkly, bejeweled accessories are not only a strong fashion statement, but also an instant mood booster to you and everyone around you. This is especially true when it comes to hats! Show off your style and personality with these blinged out baseball hats - the best remedy to a bad hair day... or a dull outfit day. You can find these beauties (and more) at Landes Apparel, a US apparel and lifestyle store owned by the Landes family - the First Family of Tennessee real estate!


If you're having trouble keeping up with your gym routine, don't give up, yet! Maybe all you need is to surprise yourself with a pair of gorgeous (and sexy) fitness leggings to get you in the mood for a workout. Get yours at - they have an impressive selection of different styles and prints that will quickly become part of your favorite gym, yoga or jogging outfit. Each pair is individually processed, hand-printed and made with love for best quality!

Watches are usually thought of as a traditional accessory for serious people. However, there is nothing serious about these fun feminine watches from! They are fun, girly, modern and fashionable, and oh so perfect for the warm season! They will go perfectly with your  flower print floral frocks or even just a simple white blouse. Take a look around the website, and you might just find a lovely gift for your partner as well - without having to break the bank!

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