Sunday, May 27, 2018

Bring Out Your Femininity with Astivo's

There are so many fun fashion trends to follow this summer that it's difficult to choose which ones to follow. If you are looking to bring out your feminine side this season, here are a few pretty ideas you'll love to wear!

This post is a collaboration with Astivo's and you can find all the featured items in their online store.


Tees, tanks, crop tops and blouses are all great options for the sunny season, but camisoles offer a pretty and feminine alternative, especially for those sweltering summer days when you really need to wear something light and fresh, but still want to maintain a girly look.


"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Even though Miranda Priestley's phrase is sarcastic, there is a valid reason why florals are the go-to print for spring and summer. They are pretty, they come in an infinite variety of sizes and colors and are the ultimate feminine fashion pick. 

Pastel pants

Most people prefer their pants to be darker in color for practical reasons - especially people who have small children, ahem - but choose a pair in a beautiful pastel shade like peach, mint or blush and you will not regret it. Pastel pants will instantly transform your look into sophisticated summer attire.

Dainty jewelry

Try accessorizing your outfits with barely visible, dainty pieces of jewelry that will add just enough sparkle to complete your look, but will not draw attention away from your stylish garments.

Visit Astivo's and stock up on beautiful, feminine and fashionable clothes and accessories. Summer is almost here so don't let yourself get caught unprepared. They have men's clothing as well, so grab a few trendy pieces for your men as well, while you're there! Their prices are super affordable and a lot of their items are on sale, so shop away! ;)

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