Friday, May 25, 2018

Build Your Summer Wardrobe with Mleo Chio Fashion

Making a fashion statement in the summer is not quite as easy as during the colder months. There is no layering, a lot fewer accessories and a general desire to wear as little clothing as possible. 

In collaboration with super chic online boutique Mleo Chio Fashion we have put together a list of trends you can embrace to show off your sense of style and and look beautiful and confident once the weather gets hot.

Bold colors

Sunny yellow, juicy green, bright red - now is the time to enjoy all the gorgeous and vibrant colors of the rainbow.

Shirt dresses

A comfortable and stylish cross between a summer dress and a crisp shirt, shirt dresses are one of the best casual outfits you can wear and still look super feminine and effortlessly cool.


Matching two-piece sets are all the rage this season, and for good reason. They are a fun and easy way to get dressed for informal and semi-formal occasions and some even give you the chance to show off that toned midriff you've been working so hard for all spring ;)


Printed, painted, appliqued or embroidered, flowers are always a huge hit for spring and summer. They are the key to the ultimate feminine look and come in a million different versions - all you need to do is choose your favorites!

Boho chic

Bohemian fashion is a huge hit with festival goers and free spirits everywhere, but even if you do not belong to either of these categories, you can work a boho chic piece or two into your wardrobe.


Invest in a chic tailored jumpsuit if you want to look put together while also staying comfortable!

Visit Mleo Chio Fashion to shop these gorgeous looks, accessories and much much more! 

And, in case you need one more reason to check out their selection: the store donates 10% off all revenues and profits to a children's hospital!

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