Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fashion Baby Boutique - A Treasure Trove for Your Kids

It is impressive how early children, especially baby girls, start to have preferences when it comes to fashion. My friend's toddler has been expressing her wishes to wear (or not wear) something when she was just a year and a half old and my own daughter has been obsessed with shoes for as long as I can remember. She never fails to compliment me when I wear a long dress or a full skirt ('Mommy, you're a princess!') and she loves, loves, loves hats.

In my experience, children tend to prefer clothes with fun prints, interesting decorations and lots of fabric to play with, but most of all they want to look like mom or dad. Fashion Baby Boutique, a mama owned and operated online store for kids, has some of the coolest children's clothing I've seen recently. Everything they have is just as stylish as the clothes in mom's or dad's closet - only they are made specifically for kids and thus are more comfortable and perfect for play time :)

Their vintage style asymmetric ruffle swimsuits look like they came straight out of a 50s movie and their tutu dresses are the dream of every little princess. The off-the-shoulder floral rompers are runway-worthy and the summer kimonos look like they stole them from a fashion blogger's closet (and shrunk it a few sizes). Boy moms will have tons of fun too shopping on this website! They have everything from cute and comfortable matching summer sets to dapper chino and shirt ensembles for your baby or toddler boy.  
All items in the Fashion Baby Boutique are trendy and affordable - so you don't have to spend too much on clothes your kids will outgrow in a few months anyway, but can still keep them neat and stylish. 

Fashion Baby Boutique offers free US shipping!

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