Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Help Street Dogs with Colors by Shirley

We all love to wear and surround ourselves with pretty things. Vibrant colors, sparkles and embroidery have the power to make us happy, but when the business that creates them makes it a point to give back and support the less fortunate - well, it doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Colors by Shirley is a brand that makes its mission to make the lives of everyone it touches a little prettier, a little happier, a little better. 

Shirley is a Mumbai-based designer who makes earrings, bags, stoles, bags and home decor with a traditional Indian aesthetic and in a variety of gorgeous colors. Her embroidered totes and satin Potli drawstring bags will look as gorgeous with your contemporary western city look as with traditional Indian attire. Her patchwork cushion covers, velvet centerpieces and wall hangings will add a touch of Indian charm to your home interior. The "Dazzle Me" ball pens, decorated with hundreds of tiny beads and mirrors, are an absolute delight that will make your day in the office a little brighter and more fun!

And the best part? If you purchase a Colors by Shirley product, a part of the proceeds will go directly to feeding stray dogs. For just $1 Shirley can buy 3 bags of biscuits that feed 8 to 10 dogs in the morning so they don't have to eat garbage. She also helps them by vaccinating and sterilizing them and her long term plans include building a shelter that could give a forever home to up to 30 animals.

It is a win-win for everyone involved: you get to own a gorgeous piece of Indian art, Shirley can keep designing and creating and street dogs get fed. You can help Shirley's mission by purchasing or recommending her products to your friends. Don't hesitate to do something for those in need!

Visit Shirley's Etsy shop, website and Facebook page to find out more about what she does!

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