Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Get Fit and Trendy with Planet Athletic

This about the time of year when I look into the mirror and the sad reality starts to sink in: I should have worked out a lot more than I did last winter. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this situation though, haha.

The hardest thing to do, when it comes to exercising, is start. It is incredibly hard, at least for me, to motivate yourself to put down that sweet lemonade, get up from the couch and head to the gym to sweat for hours. But you know what can serve as great motivation to us girls? A cute outfit, of course! 

Sexy printed leggings, strappy fitness bras, mesh tops and the like have the ability to get our butts up from the lounger like nothing else. Planet Athletic is a brand new online store that offers an incredible selection of activewear that is not only cute and fashionable but also functional, practical and comfortable.

Their backless jumpsuits are great for yoga, running, pilates - or most other sports, really - and they also look incredibly sexy! Their tropical printed sets are a must-have for summer, but if you are a minimalist at heart, choose a sleek design in a rich solid color like purple, red or navy blue.

Planet Athletic sneakers are lightweight, breathable and padded to give your feet the extra comfort they need while on the treadmill or in zumba class.

Planet Athletic also offers a variety of fun (and useful!) accessories, including protein shakers, bluetooth fitness monitors, wireless earphones, yoga mats and gorgeous gym bags.

If these photos put you in the mood to hit the gym and tone those abs, be sure to visit Planet Athletic first and get yourself a new workout wardrobe. You don't want to end up wearing the same top and leggings every day, do you? :)

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