Saturday, June 9, 2018

PinnacleSummit - Where Art Meets Fashion

We all love casual clothing because of how comfortable and easy it is to wear, but as far as being stylish goes, it is not always people's first choice - but that's because they don't know where to look for casual clothes that are not only comfortable, but also hip and original.

Casual clothing done right will make you look effortlessly cool and confident. The best everyday clothes are simple, but with an original touch: a fun print, a pretty logo or a harmonious color combination can make all the difference between dull and stylish.

PinnacleSummit is a new fashion brand for people who love the arts and pursue their passion. Their concept revolves around community and art. Every month, they team up with a new artist and they create designs together. The artist will then receive 50% of all profits of their products they helped to create. In turn they get exposure and experience, and the brand gets exposed to the artist's existing client/follower base as well. An innovative concept that allows artists to help each other succeed.

This month's collection is called (22) and it was created by @EmilyIdaArt. Her inspiration for these designs was the pureness and complexity of the triangle. According to the artist, "the most beautiful things are the most simple" - and I can't help but agree with that.

PinnacleSummit's collections are always a beautiful display of unique graphic art that is just as much fun to wear as it was to create. Their T-shirt, hats and sweatshirts are the fashionable basics that are missing from your wardrobe. Wear them with a pair of jeans or denim shorts and enjoy the awesomeness of being able to stay comfortable while looking runway-worthy. 

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