Sunday, July 29, 2018

Diamond Rings by Ocean of Diamonds

Shopping for a diamond ring is always a special experience. Whether you are about to propose to the love of your life, picking out your wedding bands with your spouse-to-be or just choosing a new, stunning piece of jewelry to add to your collection, it is a rare (or even once-in-a-lifetime) moment that you will likely remember for years to come. You want it to be perfect.

Which is why you should buy your diamonds (and everything else, really) in a store that treats you like family - a store like Ocean of Diamonds. They are one of New Jersey's longest running jewelry businesses and they have an amazingly beautiful selection of engagement and wedding rings, diamond bracelets and earrings, all of which are completely customizable. They have also been rated #1 in customer satisfaction for any jewelry store in the tri-state area.

If you like the style of a ring, you can choose whatever center stone you like most: as large or as small as you want. They have all the classics, from timeless round cut cathedral set solitaires to eternity rings in all shapes and sizes, but they also offer some show-stopping, trend setting pieces like the 5 carat natural yellow diamond (pictured above) or the round brilliant cut 2.5 ct wedding band (below). For those of you who like to take matters into their own hands and design their own rings - they also take custom orders.

Plus, a lot of their designs are over 50% off right now, so if you want to surprise your loved one with a large diamond ring, now is the time! :)

If you live in New Jersey, you are lucky: you can visit their brick and mortar stone personally and have the staff help you with your purchase. However, if you live far from their physical location, you can always order their stunning jewelry in their online store!

The store is located in 1 Woodbridge center Woodbridge NJ.

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