Saturday, July 28, 2018

Stunning Silhouettes by Valdemario

A truly elegant woman looks stylish and pulled together on any occasion. She knows that being on holiday, relaxing on the weekend or visiting close friends is no excuse to look sloppy and wear whatever you manage to pull out from the bottom of your wardrobe. Do you agree?

If you like to look fashionable and feminine, no matter where you're headed, you must visit Valdemario

They are a fashion brand with over two decades of history that offers beautiful collections of elegant clothing to a fashion-conscious clientele. They make sure that the quality of their garments is extraordinary and the fit is perfect. 

Their core collection can be virtually divided into two parts. The first one - bodycon dresses, some with playful flounced hemlines - is for the elegant woman who is focused on achieving success in her profession and wants to look stunning while doing it. The second, printed one, is for the sophisticated woman who also has a casual side - these are great for summer wear! The thing is that most of us can relate to both of these female archetypes, so Valdemario is a brand for all of us. Well, for those of us who like to look stunning. :)

Their most popular looks are made with their signature fused neoprene layered fabric lined with a very lightweight stretch mesh which is the secret to their showstopping silhouettes.

The brand was founded in 1994 in London by Dian Donaldson, starting out as a home based business and over time becoming the fabulous style destination it is today. Their designs are now available in their online store.

Shop their collections and stock up on gorgeous office dresses before September and grab a few lovely florals for the end of this summer season.

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