Monday, August 13, 2018

Top Personal Beauty and Fashion Items

We all know how a pair of designer heels or a statement necklace can transform an outfit, but it is often the less obvious things that we wear or use that make us feel and look our best selves. Our underwear, the beauty products we use, the clothes we wear at home, the tiny little details of our looks are essential to who we are.

This post is dedicated to these little things, some great personal beauty and fashion items that can make all the difference.

Applying makeup is part of the daily beauty routine for most women... but properly removing it is just as important! You might already have a favorite makeup remover, but don't you wish you were able to clean your face without using chemicals? Now you can! The All-Belle Makeup Remover Cloth is a new physical makeup remover made from high-tech zinc-containing germanium gauze and magnetic nanofibers, capable of releasing anions. All you need to do is soak it in water and clean your face with it to remove even water-resistant makeup!

You can have the most expensive and beautifully styled outfit in the world, but if you have cracked, dry, unkempt feet peeping out of your designer sandals, that is all everyone is going to see... Thankfully there is an easy and inexpensive solution to this problem! Try the Foot Chemistry exfoliator foot mask with natural and botanical extracts that removes dead skin, calluses and bacteria and leave your skin smooth, moisturized and radiant. It is also super easy to use!

What we wear at home is just as important as what we wear to work or parties. These soft rayon cotton robes with a lovely lace trim by Mr & Mrs Right come in a dozen different colors and are a favorite with brides-to-be for the bachelorette party, the morning of the wedding and every day as a newlywed and beyond. They look stunning in pictures and are a great gift for your bridesmaids that your friends will use and love for years to come!

Wearing the right socks is not only important from a fashion perspective, but also for the comfort and health of our feet. Did you know that bamboo is one of the best fabrics for socks? It prevents fungus and bacteria growth as well as unpleasant odors and keeps your feet cool and dry. Try these awesome socks by Bamboo Sports and you will love the sense of comfort they give you thanks to their wonderful bamboo fabric and cushioned soles. Of course, they are no-show too, so they won't ruin your fashionable outfits!

Using colored contact lenses can completely transform your eye color (and your face) or simply enhance the beautiful color you were born with. Whichever option you choose, they are a great way to change your look. I love deep green ones to enhance the natural green of my eyes! You can buy gorgeous contacts on, they have in incredible variety of colors and brands, so everyone will find the perfect pair. Use the Discount Code: SARAH10 for 10% off!

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