Friday, August 31, 2018

Win a Pair of Customized Shoes by Smythe & Digby!

Have you ever wished for a pair of shoes that is exactly the way you want them? Made from the material of your choice in your favorite color, with customized little details that make it the perfect shoe. How awesome would that be?

Very, very awesome.

Turns out, it's quite easy to make this dream come true! All you need to do is visit Smythe & Digby, use their 3D customizer to create the style that you have always wanted, have them hand made by the company and shipped right to your doorstep. It doesn't get easier - or more fun - than that!

On you can create the perfect shoe for a special occasion or to match a specific outfit. Choose from an incredible variety of fabrics and leathers, add tassels, metal bits, embroidery or your monogram, and customize every little detail!

Smythe & Digby are now running a GIVEAWAY where you can win a pair of completely personalized shoes from their website!

The giveaway ends on September 27. Don't miss you chance and ENTER HERE!

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