Thursday, November 8, 2018

10 Reasons to Love Palestinian Embroidery

One of the best things about fashion is that there are virtually endless possibilities as to what one can wear - different cuts and styles, a million different colors and fun accessories are all at your service when it comes to putting together an outfit that suits your mood, fashion sense and the occasion. This abundance of choice also means that sometimes we can discover and fall in love with designs that are entirely new to us.

For example, not everyone knows that Palestine is considered one of the top countries when it comes to embroidery. They produce breathtaking embroidery designs and patterns, often handmade and deeply rooted in tradition.

There are many reasons why you can (and should) wear Palestinian embroidery, even if you live somewhere else in the world. Let's see 10 of them!

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1. Traditional and Contemporary

While Palestinian embroidery designs come from an ancient tradition, they are often featured on modern, fashionable pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into a contemporary woman's wardrobe.

2. Uniqueness

Thanks to the fast fashion boom of recent years, people all around the world can be seen wearing the same clothes. One more reason to wear something noone else has!

3. Bring Art to Your Life!

The best kind of art is not the kind one can find in museums. It is the one we can touch, feel, wear, see every day with our own eyes.

4. Handmade

Some of the items are handmade by Palestinian women who are passionate about what they do and it shows.

5. High Quality

Palestinian embroidery is made by skilled artisans who dedicate their lives to their craft as well as modern machines that produce extraordinary results.

6. Trendy

If you follow trends, you already know that embroidery is one of the hottest ones right now. But why jump on the bandwagon and wear something everyone else wears when you can stand out by wearing these unique designs?

7. Feminine

Embroidered garments have always been considered extremely feminine, and Palestinian embroidery is no exception. Plus, it's also very sophisticated and makes quite an impact.

8. Colorful

The original color combinations used in Palestinian embroidery are not only exquisitely beautiful but they are also a great way of self-expression. Who doesn't love to have fun with colors?

9. Versatile

There are a thousand ways you can wear embroidery: on tops and bottoms, sleepwear and outerwear, all over your clothes or just little details. If you are a minimalist at heart, you can just add an embroidered accessory, like a bag or a necklace, to your look.

10. No Age Limit

No matter how old you are, you will look beautiful and feel like a million dollars when you wear embroidery. You can even create fun mommy and me looks with your little one!

For some of the best Palestinian embroidery designs check out Falastini Brand. They offer some of the finest Palestinian products in the world, including handcrafted and designer pieces.

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