Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shoes for the Holidays - Jewel Tones and Neutrals

Shoes are perhaps the most overlooked part of our holiday wardrobes, and wrongly so! Even though snowstorms and cold winds are not exactly the kind of weather one would want to wear pretty footwear in (and please never ever wear sandals in winter, no matter the occasion), if you choose well, the right pair of shoes can be the perfect finishing touch to your holiday looks.

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There are two kinds of shoes I'm loving this season: jewel toned suedes and velvets, and all kinds of shoes in understated, light neutral colors that go with everything. 

Beautiful, saturated jewel tones like burgundy, emerald green or sapphire blue are meant to create sex appeal and add a dramatic edge to your outfit, and they look best on textured leathers and fabrics. Wear them on the most special nights of the year: a romantic dinner date, Christmas Eve or New Year's. The higher the heel, the hotter the look, but there is no reason you couldn't spice up your outfit with a pair of jewel toned loafers or flat ankle boots!

Neutral tones, on the other hand, are perfect making any ensemble instantly more elegant and sophisticated. Think cream, camel brown, ecru and even light metallic tones like gold, bronze and silver. A pair of pointy-toe dusty pink patent pumps is just what you need to take you from a morning meeting to the office holiday cocktail party. A beige wedge sneaker is a great choice for relaxed family outings. 

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