Thursday, November 22, 2018

Stylish Cloth Diapers by

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent my days researching all the information I could get my hands on about caring for babies. I read all the dos and the don'ts, the medical articles and the mommy blog posts to learn about the new and amazing adventure of motherhood that was awaiting me. I'm pretty sure that all you new moms and moms-to-be are doing exactly the same!

As unglamorous as it may sound, there is one aspect of baby-rearing that will take over your life for a considerable amount of time once your baby is born: diapers. 

You might already know that there are two main types of diapers: disposables and cloth diapers. For the past several decades most families in developed countries have used disposables for the convenience of being able to just throw them away once they are soiled, but more and more moms are realizing how harmful they are to our ecology and cloth diapers, a decidedly more eco-friendly choice, are coming back in fashion.

There are at least 3 points where cloth diapers beat disposables:

1. Environment: billions of disposable diapers end up in landfills every year and they take about 500 years to decompose, so if you compare that to a few pieces of cloth that you can even pass down to your child's younger siblings, it is easy to see the difference
2. Cost: while cloth diapers have a small upfront cost, you will end up saving several hundred dollars from your child's birth to potty training. 

3. Breathability: reusable diapers are more breathable and thus better for your baby's sensitive skin.

Whether you have already made up your mind about using cloth diapers or are just now beginning to consider your options, you need to take a look at these super pretty cloth diapers by They specialize in reusable diapers and they have some of the cutest designs I've ever seen. 

They are made out of all natural, sustainable and super absorbent materials that are also ultra soft and gentle on your baby's skin. 

Use them with the bamboo hemp charcoal inserts that provide unparalleled absorbency, then wash, dry and use them again!

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