Saturday, December 1, 2018

Christmas Spirit

Yay, it's December! I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year because my daughter is now old enough to fully understand and appreciate the magic of Christmas and it's super fun to watch her get excited about everything.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit, I put together an outfit in one of my favorite winter color combinations - red and black - and decorated it with two super cute festive embroidered patches by Patchion

I didn't realize patches were so much fun, you guys! They are a great (and low cost) way to personalize your outfits and give them a unique and quirky touch. Also, it takes about one minute to iron them on. Instant gratification! :)

I chose the Christmas tree gingerbread cookie and candy cane patches for today's look, and while jeans are the perfect garment to decorate with embroidered patches, I thought why not also put one on my cape? It looks like a brooch taken to the next level, and I think it totally works! 

Patchion has a huge collection of embroidered patches, including flags, coats of arms, emojis, holiday themed patches and more. You can put them on your jeans, leggings, shirts, coats, bags and pretty much anywhere you want. 

If you are feeling particularly edgy, take an old denim jacket and plaster them all over it to get a 100% unique, customized, Instagram-worthy vintage style piece!

Cape and top: Shein



Are you in the mood for something tropical this winter? The Recordando Yunque fashion collections by rainforest explorer and nature photographer Raul Garcia are not only delightfully exotic but also absolutely unique. They feature AOP (All Over Print) versions of Raul's rainforest images of plants, waterfalls, stunning views and more. Recordando Yunque offers hoodies, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes and a large selection of other items that will give your everyday looks a fresh touch. Browse their collections and choose your favorites!

Can you guess what this is? Besides being a beautiful piece of wooden art, it also a fully functional jewelry box! I'm in love, you guys. If you love it too, head over to M & D Wooden Art, a Lithuanian family business that makes stunning wooden items, including hair accessories, cutting boards and smartphone stands, and choose your favorites for yourself and your family. They make the perfect Christmas gift idea for your loved ones, as they can be entirely customized!

As far as gift ideas go, makeup is always a safe bet. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Christmas present for a fashionable friend, check out the 2018 Winter Collection 3 in 1 gift box by Cavaleria x Acci! It contains a set of 3 trendy lipsticks, a mini eye shadow palette, an eye shadow brush and a lovely waterproof makeup bag. You can get it on Charm Beauty Lover, an online store known for its wide selection of makeup products and accessories.

It's that time of the year again - the time of searching for Christmas gifts for the men in our lives. Not an easy task, but not impossible either... you just need to know where to look! Visit Tacwatches and browse their selection of the ultimate men's accessories! Their watches are designed for adventurers and businessmen, athletes and soldiers, who need a timepiece that is sturdy, stylish and functional. Inspired by the rigorous demands of those who serve in the military, each Tacwatches design is made to resist harsh environments. A great gift idea for your partner and male relatives!

The bohemian fashion style is a beautiful mix of delicate florals, flowing fabrics and feminine cuts, spiced up with the occasional fringe, beads or feathers. BH Empire is an online store that offers fashionable bohemian style clothing and yoga apparel for those free spirited women who are striving for balance and harmony in their lives and like to feel and look feminine. They have a great selection of printed boho chic dresses, fabulous strappy sandals and stunning accessories to complete your look!

Undeniably innovative. Audience inspired, luxury footwear, first ever patterned leather dress boots and shoes. Be ahead of the curve and set your pace. Available at 50% off retail for the next 3 days only!

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most beautiful time of the year, but often we get so overwhelmed by gift shopping that we forget to actually enjoy the magic. This year, try getting all of your gifts in one place, so you can save tons of time! Greatest Gifts has an amazing collection of gifts for all tastes and budgets - from the coolest tech gifts to the most popular toys, so you can shop for your spouse, children, friends, in-laws and colleagues all in one place.

A high quality, well-fitting black sweater is one of the best items a girl can have in her wardrobe. This beautiful cotton, cashmere and wool sweater by MIR4USA takes it to a new level with its colorful embroidered birds and super soft fabric. Wear it with an A-line midi skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, over a crisp white shirt or simply on its own - it will look stylish and appropriate for any occasion. It also makes the perfect Christmas gift to a fashionable friend! 

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