Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to Apply False Eyelashes

There are so many great ways to enhance your already beautiful looks, especially if you know the hacks that beauty experts use. And there are loads and loads of products that can help, too.

Take eyes, for example. There are brushes and concealer products and makeup and more. And now false eyelashes have completely taken off, making them something that you don’t have to reserve just for special occasions anymore.

There are a few things you should know before you pick the perfect fake eyelashes. For example, it’s helpful to figure out what your eye shape is considered. There are almond eyes and round eyes, mono-lidded eyes and close-set eyes. Some eyes are deeper set and some are more prominent. Each one of those types have a different set of fake eyelashes that work best with them. What else do you need to know? This graphic helps to explain this popular beauty tool.

"How to Pick the Right False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape, and Apply Them Like a Pro" on Health Perch



We are only a few short weeks away from summer, which means it's time to get ready for some serious beach fun. If you are already thinking about the outfits you will wear on your next seaside vacation, visit Couleurs Lagon. This store has some beautiful ocean-inspired fashion, including swimsuits, T-shirts and home decor printed with underwater photographs of Pacific Ocean wildlife, boho chic jewelry made of real stones, shells and other natural materials and many more uniquely stylish pieces!

Discover the magic of Yum Yum World with your little ones! Watch this new Australian children's show to follow along the adventures of Millie, Max and their cute animal friends, dance, sing, and make screen time a fun and educational activity for your kids. Me and my daughter have had the chance to get a preview of the theme song and it's such a great catchy and danceable tune - we loved it! Yum Yum World is launching any day now, so be sure to sign up to receive their updates! 

What you wear at home around your significant other is just as important as what you put on when you are attending a special event - you can trust me on that. These satin pajamas with lace appliques are the perfect middle ground between being comfortable enough to sleep in and making sure you get no sleep at all ;) This sexy set is available on Alfmart.com, a website known for their vast product selection and competitive pricing. Free shipping on all orders!

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A great jeweler knows how to bring the best out of his material of choice. Eric Pless, an artist from Grass Valley, California, has been working primarily with titanium and precious metals for 25 years and he knows exactly how to transform this versatile metal into unique pieces of jewelry. The texture of these blue dangle earrings is designed to reflect light from all angles and the separate elements swing freely over each other, grabbing light from your movements. Visit his store Titanium Art Studios and browse his beautiful collections!

Vintage style sneakers are a huge favorite with fashionistas in 2019, and rightly so - they are a comfortable and ultra stylish option for every day. This basketball model by Betancourt is inspired by 80s footwear, easily recognizable thanks to the ankle strap and the punctures in the front. It comes with a visible logo embedded on the strap and is made of genuine Italian leather, with natural cotton laces and metal reinforced eyelets. Don't forget to sign up to Betancourt's email updates and get a discount coupon to purchase a pair!

When it comes to prospective partners, we all have a perfect person in mind. Some of us want them handsome and funny, others want their significant other to be young and ambitious, others yet want them tall, wealthy, smart, or of a certain religion. If your ideal partner is a successful or famous person (or both), check out CelebMingle, the #1 Dating Site for Celebrities, Millionaires, Wealthy Men and Successful Singles. Their clientele includes celebrities, artists, musicians, CEOs and pro athletes. Sign up for a membership now!

You guys might remember Jasnine Magic from this post, but in case you missed it - they are a jewelry brand that specializes in handcrafted colorful statement pieces. They are an inclusive brand represented by models of all cultures, races and religions. They have recently signed legendary adult film star Ms Cleo as a brand ambassador and they are about to launch their first store this month so stay tuned, and in the meanwhile be sure to check out the owners on Instagram!

Dressing our babies in cute little outfits is one of the fun parts of motherhood... so naturally many of us spend hefty sums to fill their closets with the most fashionable rompers, dresses, onesies and accessories. Wouldn't it be nice if we could save some money while shopping for our little ones? Toddlers Nation is an online store that offers a beautiful collection of baby and toddler clothing at a deep discount. Each of their outfits is cuter than the next - definitely check them out!

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