Saturday, August 3, 2019

4 All-Season Accessories Everyone Needs

Seasonal accessories are great when you really want to get into the spirit of summer (or fall, or any other season), but it doesn't really make sense to buy strictly summery pieces like oversized beads, tribal jewelry or straw hats in August. As a general rule, the best kind of accessories are the ones we can wear in any season and any weather - just make sure they match your outfit and personality.

In collaboration with, an online store that offers a great variety of fun and useful products, including jewelry, toys, gadgets, kitchen accessories and more, we have put together a list of 4 kinds of jewelry that will likely stay in fashion for the next few seasons and help you seamlessly transition from summer to fall.

1. Geometric pendants

Triangles, circles, squares and other geometric figures will lend your look a fresh and modern appeal. They are a great accessory for the popular minimalist fashion style, but they are wonderfully versatile so you can mix and match them any way you want.

2. Prayer beads

Prayer beads worn as jewelry have gone in and out of fashion for the past few decades, but it seems like this time they are here to stay. Whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, a simple style or an intricate design with tassels, crystals and pendants, you can't go wrong with this popular accessory.

3. Druzy

Druzies are natural stones with a beautiful subtle sparkle that come in a variety of colors and look flattering on everyone. Wear them with your summer dresses in August or cashmere turtlenecks in December - they are perfect for every season. 

4. Spiritual symbols

If you need a little energetic boost, wear a spiritual symbol that is close to your heart. The choice is endless: Evil Eye, Tree of Life, Buddha, Christian cross, animal symbols - choose whatever you like and wear them all year round!

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