Friday, August 2, 2019

4 Bohemian Must-Haves for Summer and Fall

If there is a perfect season for bohemian looks, it is summer. Flowing fabrics, floral prints, billowing dresses, long beach waves and layers of jewelry are especially popular during the warmer months when everything feels more joyful and carefree. However, with little adjustments and clever layering, they can also be a beautiful choice for fall.

Often associated with hippie culture, freedom and spirituality, bohemian style is known for being ultra feminine and rich in prints and embellishments, but it can also be modern and ultra fashionable. Adding even just a few bohemian pieces to your collection can make it feel fresh and unconventional. 

In collaboration with, an online store known for their wonderful selection of boho chic clothing and accessories, we have picked 4 key pieces that you can effortlessly incorporate into your summer and early fall wardrobe.

1. Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is probably the first item you think of when someone mentions bohemian style. They are the most feminine and flattering thing you can possible wear, and it never fails to make you feel like a princess. Invest in at least one of these beauties - choose a classic floral or trendy tropical print!

2. Boho Swimwear

Bohemian bikinis, decorated with lace, fringe, ruffles and fun prints, are simply gorgeous! Whether you choose a one-piece or a bikini, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you and that you will look amazing.

3. Poncho

Ponchos are the best when it comes to layering for chilly summer and fall evenings. You can wear them over anything and they feel like a comfy, cozy blanket. Definitely a must-have!

4. Floral pants

Most of use are used to wearing pants that are neutral and go with everything, and that (kind of) makes sense. But if you have never tried floral pants, you don't know what you're missing. They are so much fun to wear! If you have never worn anything similar, start with shorts and I'm sure you will upgrade to palazzo pants in no time ;)

All the products in this post are available on Be sure to check them out!

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