Thursday, August 1, 2019

Draping, Drama and Glamour

I study the designer collections every season, browse the internet for information and fashion inspiration and visit brick-and-mortar stores multiple times a week, and quite honestly, it often feels like fashion is just going in circles. And I'm not talking about the cyclical nature of it that we are all well aware of. I'm talking about the fact most clothes and accessories I see can be divided into two categories: there are the absolutely, categorically unwearable ones and then there's all the rest that is just the same stuff over and over again (alright, I'm exaggerating and there are exceptions, but you get the point).

This is why it feels like a proverbial breath of fresh air when I see something that is A) wearable, B) I've never seen before.

Virgin Skin 4 U is a designer brand based in Sofia, Bulgaria that makes stunning contemporary high fashion pieces. I am in awe of their incredible draping technique and the silhouettes they manage to create with them. To me, silhouette is one of, if not the most important aspect of fashion because it directly influences how we feel in a piece of clothing and how other people perceive us. It can conceal our imperfections and bring out our best features.

I find it amazing how Virgin Skin makes their pieces so dramatic yet so wearable. They have reached the perfect balance between unabashed glamour, everyday dressing and a non-prohibitive price tag. 

Their collection includes fabulous pieces like a kimono-sleeved tunic, a draped steampunk shirt dress with a large sash and lose-cut bodice, a neoprene peplum skirt, a draped turtleneck tunic dress and more. Their color palette is based mostly on monochromatic black, white and grey and earthy neutrals with the occasional splash of color.

These are clothes for the modern woman who is confident in her beauty and abilities and isn't afraid to go all out and put her best foot forward when it comes to fashion.

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