Monday, August 19, 2019

Embrace the Ibiza Spirit with SOLFUL

Mirror pink SOLFUL Ibiza weekender sunglasses
In just a couple of weeks, summer will be a sweet and distant memory - but it doesn't mean that we'll have to  wrap ourselves in blanket capes and start sipping hot cocoa right away. Keep that summer fire alive by looking like you have just spent a day in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Ibiza. Look like you are heading to a magical beach and epic raves with 20 of your closest friends!

SOLFUL is a brand of sunglasses born in Ibiza that will make it easy for you too feel the summer in your soul all year long.  SOLFUL's mission is to bring Ibiza's atmosphere of love and good vibes to fashionistas all over the world. Make accessories that embody that carefree summer feeling we long for on winter nights, and awaken your free-spirited side.

@melinadulce wearing SOLFUL metal cat eyes SYLVESTER
SOLFUL has been selling their designs in Mallora, Formentera and Menorca for several years.  Recently, they have started offering their products to a worldwide clientele through their online store (and with free delivery on all sunglasses).

@olgamarin_ wears SOLFUL Ibiza cat-eye sunglasses black MININO
SOLFUL designs are for those who live the night just like they live the day. Their sunglasses are being designed for people who love to feel the sand between their toes just as much as having colorful drinks on moonlit beaches. For those who enjoy their adventures, not for the sake of Instagram, but to make memories that last a lifetime - and still snap a few IG stories in the process. Let's face it, who of us wouldn't love like to pose with a new pair of sunglasses in Ibiza. For those with a laid-back, effortlessly cool fashion style that turns heads and ends up on street style blogs. What's so beautiful about SOLFUL is that you can feel the people who design the sunglasses are this kind of people.
As they say, they are the  "Ibiza soul under the sun".

Sunglasses model: SOLFUL Brown PEPPER

SOLFUL collections feature timeless classic styles like cat eye sunglasses and aviators, as well as ultra modern and super fashionable designs including octagonal frames and tinted lenses in all colors of the rainbow.

Shop their beautiful (and affordable) collections, wear them all year long and embrace the Ibiza spirit!

Use the code bellapummarola to get 10% off your order!

Fashionista @soulfulvibesblog wearing VICENT by SOLFUL

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