Friday, August 16, 2019

Fiercely Fem: A Brand for Strong Women

Even though female empowerment has been making enormous progress in recent years, with more and more women being able to make their own choices, work in leadership roles, pursue their dreams and get closer and closer to evening out the pay gap between genders, I think we can all agree that we still have a long way to go. 

The way I see it, feminism is not about being exactly like men - it's about being able to build the life we want for ourselves, whether it is working in a field dominated by men, raising a large family and staying home with the kids, being an artist, or (gasp!) all of the above, and more! It boils down to a woman's fundamental right to choose what she believes is best for her. 

Thankfully, today we have a nearly unlimited number of platforms where we can express our thoughts and communicate our ideas, step by step making the world a better, friendlier place for ourselves and our daughters. One of those platforms is fashion.

The founder of Fiercly Fem, a brand that fuses design with purpose, is a beautiful representation of what women can do. She is a STEM professional, an artist and a mother who has achieved everything she has because her own mother encouraged her, and because she worked hard to make her dreams come true. She now teaches the same values and work ethic to her daughter.

Her fashion collection is a celebration of color: dresses, T-shirt, leggings, skirts, hoodies, sneakers (and more) are used as a blank canvas, decorated with impressive graphic art, from colorful swirls and hypnotic prints to powerful illustrations that spread the word about female empowerment and encourage women to be strong, be themselves and shatter the proverbial glass ceiling.

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