Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Joan Converse Scarf Rings: Review and GIVEAWAY!

A much as I love scarves, I don't really wear them that often, simply because it's near impossible to keep them in place. It doesn't matter how artfully I arrange my scarf in front of the mirror, it slides to the side in a matter of minutes, and by the end of the day it's a limp parody of itself.

It's really disappointing, considering that I have a huge collection of the prettiest scarves, stoles and shawls in every color of the rainbow that mostly lie around in drawers because having a 3-year-old and adjusting my scarf every 20 seconds while running after her is just not a fun thing to do.

I don't know why, but it never occurred to me to use a scarf ring - a solution that is as simple as it is genius. And very chic, too.

I discovered this thoroughly underrated accessory thanks to Joan Converse Designs, a brand that specializes in scarf rings made from natural materials like shell, wood and horn. Their exquisite designs will give your look a touch of timeless glamour... and keep those pesky scarves in place.

Reviewing these gorgeous scarf rings was a great excuse to dig out my favorite light blue Sete di Jaipur scarf. It's one of those silk scarves that look amazing for about 5 minutes and after that my whole day revolves around adjusting it. So I was really curious to try it with a scarf ring - and it didn't disappoint! I admit I had to watch a few YouTube tutorials before I felt confident enough to try it, but this mother-of-pearl ring turned out to be really easy to use and I love how I can create all kinds of shapes and styles by draping my scarf in different ways. 

I wore a wooden Joan Converse scarf ring with my feather print Cavalli silk scarf - another favorite I never wear - and I loved the girl scout meets pussy bow style I managed to create with it.

If you want to try one for yourself, visit the Joan Converse Designs website and browse their fabulous collection, or enter our giveaway for a chance to win one! See the rules below ⇩


1. You need to enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

2. Follow Joan Converse Designs on Facebook

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4. (Optional) For extra entries, tag a friend in one of the brand's Instagram posts.

3. There will be 2 winners. Each winner can choose their favorite Joan Converse scarf ring.

4. The giveaway ends on September 18.

5. The giveaway is open to US residents only.

By registering through the Rafflecopter form below you consent to your personal data being processed for the purposes of this giveaway. Joan Converse Designs is responsible for shipping the prizes to the winners.

Good luck! :)

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