Monday, August 26, 2019

Journey Mills: Casual Style at Its Finest

Fashion is a wonderful way of self expression but sometimes it can feel like too much work. Dressing up head to toe, accessorizing and putting on a full face of makeup is fun, but doing it every day is like having a second job... and it's not always appropriate, either.

Also, it's easy to look like a million dollars when you have spent the better part of your day getting ready. You know what's a lot more difficult? Looking effortlessly hip and ultra fashionable in a casual outfit. Running errands looking like a rock star. Being the coolest, trendiest mom at soccer practice. Going to the movies in a comfortable look that's also edgy and stylish. 

This is why it's essential to have a way of expressing your creativity without having to wear designer gear and spend an hour in front of the mirror. Everyone should have a go-to outfit they can throw on when they don't want to look like they are trying too hard.

If you don't have a look like that, you should check out Journey Mills on Etsy. They have an amazing selection of printed tees in different styles that you can customize to make them a perfect fit for your personality. You can work directly with the designer to create the look you really want. Inspire your mind with one of their uniquely awesome designs, from retro to vintage, funny and cute, everything is fully customizable! 

Wear them over your favorite pair of leggings, tuck them into high waisted denim shorts or pair them with distressed jeans or overalls. Roadtrips, hikes, movie nights, family barbecues, vacations and casual school days are the perfect occasions to effortlessly show off your style with a Journey Mills tee printed with graphic art, slogans or witty lines. 

Visit their store to check out their entire selection!

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