Thursday, August 1, 2019

Milano-Emo by Morris Scales

I always say that shoes are one of the best means of self-expression... and arguably the most fun one. After all, each morning you consciously make the decision to wear a certain pair, everyone you meet will see you in them and if you are like me, it will affect your mood throughout the day. If you dare to wear vivid colors and unconventional designs, you will look stylish, feel confident and have that unmistakable spring in your step that only a pair of good shoes can give you.

Milano-Emo by Morris Scales is a brand that makes luxury sneakers with a high-end sporty aesthetic. They are fierce, colorful and full of personality - exactly what you need, if you want to take your fashion up a notch and stand out in the crowd.

Born from a fusion of fashion trends, good vibes and a taste for luxury, Milano sneakers will add a uniquely stylish touch to your looks and inspire you to experiment with clothes and accessories. They are made of premium quality Italian leather by expert craftsmen in the South of Italy with a tradition of making some of the most incredible shoes in the world. They are comfortable, durable and of exceptionally high quality.

Their designs were inspired by vintage sneaker styles and given a modern makeover so you can seamlessly incorporate them into your wardrobe in 2019. Their low top collection with its classic blue, white, red and khaki color palette is perfect for everyday wear, while their extravagant high tops are the ideal choice for those who want to go all out and dazzle with their fashion choices. Color combinations include turquoise and orange, teal and fuchsia, beige and yellow and other surprising but stylish pairings.

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