Thursday, November 14, 2019

Kimono Wrap Dress by Yuga Clothes

With the first wave of rainy and chilly November days, I can't help dreaming about nice and warm tropical places where one can just sit back and relax with a fresh coconut, feeling the mild wind blowing from the sea and intently observing the patterns of the clouds.

I already have the perfect dress to wear for when that day comes, too. 

The dress I'm wearing in these pictures is the SHIKA kimono wrap dress by my favorite yogawear brand Yuga Clothes, and I've been in love with it ever since I first saw it in their online store.

It is made out of a soft and silky rayon fabric and it has that perfect slouchy fit that lends your look a laid-back vibe, but it is also great for highlighting your figure thanks to its belted waist, deep V-cut and fluid fabric that follows your curves.

Before you ask, these photos were taken when the pavement was still warm enough to walk on barefoot. ;)

Yuga Clothes designs are made for that carefree spiritual lifestyle that looks really attractive to me right now, especially when I can barely open my eyes enough to put my contacts in while getting my kid ready for preschool in the morning. 

Their clothes possess a uniquely stylish minimalist aesthetic and are mostly made out of natural, organic fabrics that feel amazing against your skin. They are also insanely comfortable, which makes them popular with yogis, dancers and bohemian souls all over the world. 

So if you are planning a beach getaway for the upcoming winter holidays (or are just lucky enough to actually live in a climate where you can wear this kind of looks all year long), head over to Yuga Clothes and shop their amazing men's and women's collections.

I know I'm a fan for life.

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