Saturday, November 30, 2019

Make a Bold Fashion Statement This Christmas with April & Alex

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect holiday look. Some like it glittery and fun, others prefer cozy casual outfits, others like to look glamorous and seductive. There is no one way to do it right, but the very best holiday style is effortlessly elegant, comfortably tailored and features unexpected details and design solutions that lend it a fashionable air.

If you are in search of a lovely festive look for Christmas, need a glamorous, show-stopping dress for New Year's Eve or just need a beautifully made elegant outfit for work, you should visit April & Alex. They are a UK-based online boutique launched in 2012 that sells bold and edgy womenswear to customers all over the world. Their designs are a unique combination of classic elegance with innovative cuts and statement details, which makes them a stylish choice for a variety of occasions.

It is not easy for a designer to find the balance between cutting-edge fashion - that might go out of style in 6 months - and evergreen classics that might lack excitement and creativity. April & Alex seems to get is just right. They pair modest necklines with provocative cutouts and transparent inserts, classic silhouettes with statement details, combine different fabrics and styles within a single design. 

If you are looking for something extravagant, surprising and ultra-fashionable, take a look at their two-colour suit, the velvet dress with an oversized lace collar and mismatched buttons (my personal favorite), or one of their asymmetric mini dresses. If you need something more pared back but still full of personality, you will love their blazer dresses and the flirty ruffled styles that are also super flattering!

Right now, there is a huge BLACK FRIDAY SALE going on in the store: add all your favorites to your cart and get 50% off your entire order!

April & Alex offers worldwide shipping - no exceptions!

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