Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sovarcate Professional Hair Dryer Review

It's not easy to take care of long hair while also having it look good. I've had super long hair ever since I can remember, so everything I do with it on a daily basis has become second nature to me... but if I think about it, I follow quite a few self-imposed hair care rules, that include choosing the right products and styling tools.

I also try to keep heat styling to a minimum, but in the winter, if I don't at least dry my hair, I end up with a sore throat pretty quickly. I'm very picky about the hair dryers I use, because on the few occasions that I used cheaply made ones, I either ended up with a bird's nest on my head or my hair  was sucked into it and got burnt. Eek.

I had the chance to try out this professional hair dryer by Sovarcate and I have to stay I'm super happy with how it works. It is very well made and a real steal for the price, and it dries my waist-long hair in about 10 minutes. I don't normally use the hottest setting on hair dryers, so I chose the "warm" setting and it was perfect for my fine, straight hair and my 4-year-old daughter's fine, curly hair.

Using the diffuser nozzle

It comes with concentrator and diffuser nozzles that are super easy to lock in place. I like to use the diffuser at the roots to give my hair a boost of volume, and I use the concentrator on the entire length when I want to make it sleek and smooth. 

Using the concentrator nozzle

This hair dryer also comes with a curved brush, which is perfect for detangling my (very tangly) hair and a comb that use to do my side part.

If you're looking for a new hair dryer, this is a deal you shouldn't miss!

The result

The Sovarcate hair dryer is available on Amazon in the following countries: 

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