Wednesday, December 18, 2019

At Home in the Wild: A Brand to Remind You of the Beauty of Nature

The beauty of wild nature is spectacular in any season. In the winter, however, we tend to spend less time outdoors and forget that we are one with nature and that the best way to recharge our batteries, revive our spirituality and reconnect with the divine is to spend time under the open sky, breathe in the fresh air and take in the colors and smells of the woods, mountains and meadows.

If nature is calling your heart, I want to show you an apparel store you will love.
At Home In the Wild is an online shop based in the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountains that sells clothing and accessories inspired by the untamed beauty of the wilderness. Founded by Ryan Johnson, a Back To Nature Guide, this brand is an extension of his work and vocation. His T-shirts and hoodies are made for adventurers and explorers, free spirits and survivors, people who are searching for their path in life and those who are looking for the excitement and strong emotions that only nature can give.

Wear their tops with a pair of jeans for an effortless casual look, khakis or shorts on summer days spent outdoors, or a pair of comfy sweats to relax and unwind.

At Home in the Wild's signature mountain and woods logo and their beautiful nature photos printed on their merchandise are a great reminder of all the wonders that will be waiting for you outside come springtime. You can even create matching family and group looks for hikes and trips.

If you have a friend or family member who loves the great outdoors, their mugs, phone cases and stickers will be a great, affordable gift idea for them.

Visit the At Home in the Wild website to see their entire collection of clothing and accessories!

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