Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

It's the time of year when many of us spend hours searching for the best Christmas gifts online, but with the incredible amount of different stores and products available it's not easy to decide what to put in your cart.

If you want to discover new brands and stores, or are in bad need of some new gift ideas, scroll down to see our list for Christmas 2019!

A beautiful sparkly dress makes for a wonderful gift idea for your fashionable mother, sister or best friend. Head over to World for Her to see their amazing selection of floor-length evening gowns, cocktail dresses and shoes, as well as casual apparel, accessories and more. Their prices are pretty awesome too, and they offer free shipping on all orders, so definitely check them out and be sure you order now so your package will get to you before the holidays!

One of a kind jewelry is a wonderful idea if you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone special, and Phoenixfire Jewellery designs are nothing short of unique. These flame painted copper pieces are handmade with love in Minnesota, and display a beautiful range of colors from rose gold to forest green to navy blue. Inspired by plants and animals, these jewelry designs are the perfect complements to exquisite evening gowns and elegant everyday looks alike. Be sure to check them out!

As far as I'm concerned, the best kind of style is a perfectly balanced combination of effortless, glamorous, feminine and modern. J. Brooks Boutique is an online store that offers exactly that kind of clothing - ultra-fashionable looks that will make you feel like your best self. Their selection includes sequined jumpsuits and maxi dresses, tailored blazers, gorgeous skirts and more, all in unique prints, vibrant colors and flattering silhouettes. Check out their website and grab a piece or two for yourself and your fabulous best friend!

We all want to look our best for the holiday season (and after), but sometimes we get to mid-December and realize that we "have nothing to wear". If that just happened to you, don't fret. Go take a look at Fashion Store Diva and their fabulous selection of winter fashion and accessories. They are holding a holiday sale right now where you get 60% off your order and free shipping with the promo code YESSS. Time to shop, I guess! ;)

The art of Gua Sha (skin rolling) has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and comes with quite a few benefits that you might not expect. It stimulates the immune system and speeds up the body's natural healing processes, reduces pain and inflammation, and diminishes the signs of aging by smoothing wrinkles, tightening the skin and decreasing undereye bags. These jade and rose quartz rollers by Blushlust make a great gift idea for all your female friends and relatives! Blushlust offers free worldwide shipping.

Statement accessories are the most stylish way to show off your personality. Have fun choosing the perfect Christmas gift for each one of your friends on Jim & Cola, an online store with a spectacular selection of wooden sunglasses and watches for men and women. Their designs are refreshingly modern and unabashedly stylish, and they come in many different colors, from natural, neutral tan to the most vibrant electric blue. You can even create a cute matching "wooden" look with your significant other!

If you are the stylist of your family and your friends turn to you for fashion advice, your loved ones will definitely appreciate it if you get them some trendy clothes or accessories as a Christmas present. HIPNFLY offers a super fashionable selection for men, women and kids that includes dresses, shoes, underwear, coats and more - and they won't break the bank, either. This store is a great one stop shop for the whole family, and they offer free worldwide shipping!

Give your loved ones the gift of well-being with this innovative eye massager! It works on the many acupuncture points around the eyes and temples to de-stress your eyes and help you relax at the end of a long day. We all stare at screens all day long - whether it is for work or just scrolling through our social media feeds - so it is easy to end up with tired, irritated eyes. Use this device with built-in Bluetooth music to get them the rest they so badly need!

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few decades, you have probably heard about Avon. I have personally used many of their cosmetics before and loved them, and now they have undergone a transformation making their products even more modern and awesome. This is not your grandmother's Avon! If you regularly spend a fortune at the mall on make up, you should probably check out their website and browse their high quality, low price products instead!

Handcrafted jewelry makes a fabulous gift idea for people who like to stand out by wearing something unique and beautifully made. Aquarius Custom Jewelry offers a gorgeous collection of accessories made with natural materials, such as stone, blown glass and crystal. They make beautiful rosaries in every color of the rainbow, hand painted glass cabochon pendants that look like dinosaur eyes, gemstone necklaces, vibrant abstract paintings and more. Each one of their items is individually handmade in Maryland, USA 

If you have a cat person in your family, I've got just the perfect store for you. has everything a cat lover wants; shirts, jewelry, phone accessories and more!  Show your love for your furry best friend by wearing a cat pendant or T-shirt, or surprise someone with one of these cute gifts! All of their items ship FREE to the US. Visit now to find the cat-themed merchandise you've been looking for!

Graphic tees are a great gift idea for men who are notoriously difficult to get gifts for. They are cool, useful and everyone loves them! These stylish tees by Freed Ink will be a great complement to any urban casual look - and right now they are running a holiday promo where the first 50 people who buy a graphic tee get another one for free (use the promo code buy1get1), and everyone who buys more than 2 pieces gets 20% off entire purchase!

If you haven't bought your 2020 calendar yet or want to give a beautiful personalized gift to someone you love, check out this awesome customizable handcrafted calendar frame by Tiny Treats Club! They also offer a calendar subscription service that allows customers to update their calendar every month with their latest photos, as well as a mega-size canvas calendar that will become the focal point of any office or living room. These calendars are the best way to use your favorite photos!

In my experience, gifts that are both practical and stylish are always appreciated. Why not pick out something that will become a useful part of your friend's or loved one's winter wardrobe? Pretty Reward is an online store with a huge selection of women's apparel and accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, jackets, sweaters, shoes and more. They carry all the latest trends and, most importantly, their prices are amazing. Be sure to check them out! Pretty Reward offers free shipping on all orders.

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