Sunday, December 15, 2019

Get Your Nike Glasses on RX Safety!

Who said you don't need sunglasses in the winter? In most countries even in December there is plenty of sunlight that you need to protect your eyes from. Living in Italy and having light sensitive eyes, I get myself a new pair each fall, much to my Russian mother's surprise ("What are you going to do with them when it's dark and cold?!"). 

If you are looking for a nice new pair of sunglasses for the season, your next tropical getaway or ski holiday, take a look at the incredible selection of fashionable styles over at RX Safety. As the name suggests, they are an online store that specializes in safety glasses, but they also have an amazing assortment of stylish brand name sunglasses and prescription glasses from brands like Carrera, Lacoste, Oakley, Kate Spade, Nike and more. 
Nike sunglasses are known for being lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear and fitted with high quality lenses, so if you want to be sure that you are buying a great pair of glasses, this is a brand you can trust. 

The Nike collection on RX Safety includes sunglasses in varying degrees of "sportiness", from the super sleek Adrenaline, which is the perfect accessory to any activewear look, to the more casual KD Trace that you can wear with virtually anything, even elegant winter outfits. Many styles come in different colors for both the frame and the lenses.
They also have amazing Nike prescription glasses - you can choose to purchase just the frame, or you can order them complete with the prescription lenses of your choice.
Once you discover this store, you'll be hooked for life, because they have everything you might possibly need in terms of eyewear!

So, if you are looking for some last-minute holiday gift ideas, a nice new pair of glasses for a trip you are planning, or just need to up your eyewear game for the New Year, you now know where to shop. :)

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