Monday, December 30, 2019

Joes and Alfreds: Shine Brighter Than a Diamond!

If someone asked you why you love diamonds, what would you say? Most of us would probably reply, without much thinking, that we love their shine and brilliance, the way they reflect light and fracture it into a million tiny sparkles.

But did you know that there is a stone that can be even more brilliant and fiery than a diamond? Unbelievable, but true.

The moissanite is a naturally occurring but rare gemstone discovered by Henri Moissan just over a century ago. It has been discovered only in a few rocks, mainly derived from meteorites. It has a brighter, sparklier appearance than a real diamond and a higher clarity capacity, which is why it is increasingly common as a center stone in engagement rings. And you know why that's great? Because it costs a fraction of the price of a real diamond of the same size!

Joes & Alfreds Moissanite Diamonds is a company that specializes in moissanite jewelry - they have everything from solitaire rings to earrings to loose stones that will get you more than a few compliments. So, instead of getting into debt for your engagement ring, you can save your money for a luxurious honeymoon, a new car or a down payment for your home, so you can start your life together with a wise financial decision. 

Plus, the patent on moissanites has just recently expired, which is why now they are more affordable and higher quality than ever! 

Joes & Alfreds is having a sale right now, don't miss it! For a limited time, you get 20% off all their products, including moissanites, real diamonds and other gemstones (all of them are also lab certified, unless stated otherwise in the product description).

By purchasing your jewelry from Joes & Alfreds, you are helping them support enviromental and sustainability organizations: they donate 3% of every purchase!

Joes & Alfreds offers free shipping on all orders!

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