Wednesday, December 11, 2019

LotusTraders Holiday Sale - 10-30% Off Everything!

Who else is in the mood for a tropical getaway? The holiday season has barely started but I'm already in bad need of some sunshine and relaxation. If, like me, you are dreaming of a sandy beach and a fresh green coconut in your hand, you'd better start planning your vacation wardrobe! 

Tropical islands call for a flowing dresses in vibrant colors and magical prints. There's nothing quite like looking over an endless sea with the warm wind catching your skirt and hair, and feeling like you are in the exact place you are supposed to be.

For the perfect winter getaway wardrobe visit LotusTraders - they have a beautiful collection of ultra-feminine boho chic clothing that will have you looking and feeling like a queen. They specialize in romantic maxi dresses that highlight your curves in all the right places, while also being super comfortable. A huge plus with these dresses is that you won't have to worry about all the cakes and chocolate you ate over the holidays; they are designed with strategical drapes and pleats that conceal any imperfections, real or perceived. :)

Besides their gorgeous selection of dresses they also have some amazing jumpsuits, harem pants, coats, skirts and more, with many 'batiked' garments that are handcrafted with a unique dyeing process originated in Indonesia.

To me, the magic of a dress lies in its power to transform you on the inside. LotusTraders dresses will awaken your femininity, put a lightness in your step and a happy sparkle in your eyes. They are made for every woman, regardless of age, shape or size, and come in a wide range of gorgeous colors from earthy, easy-to-wear neutrals to vibrant jewel tones. 

Surprise yourself with a few new pieces before your next holiday, you deserve it! And now is the best time to order because they have a Christmas promotion going on with 10% to 30% off EVERYTHING in the LotusTraders store!

Also, if you are a man reading this - these dresses make a beautiful Christmas present for the women in your life. ;)

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