Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Magical Bridal Robes by Taniri Designs

A girl's wedding is one of the most important days of her life, and most of us spend a great deal of time, money and energy on getting everything just right. We spend months searching for our dream dress, scouting locations, coming up with a color scheme, planning the menu, the floral arrangements, the guest list... Everything needs to be perfect!

However, in the hustle of wedding preparations some details might get overlooked, and as we all know, details can make or break anything. 

For example, have you already thought about what you will be wearing on the morning of your wedding? You will wake up excited, have your last breakfast as an unmarried woman, and get your hair and makeup done surrounded by your closest friends. These moments will be etched into your memory for a lifetime, and you might even have your photographer there to capture them, so you need wear something special and beautiful.

Taniri Designs is a New York-based brand that specializes in high quality bridal party robes, shirts, PJs and other unique gifts for brides and bridesmaids. Their designs are created with elegance and function in mind. They make the prettiest bridesmaid robes and pajamas from softest knit premium, wrinkle-free jersey fabric to gift your girls as a “thank you” for sharing in your special day - and so you can take some amazing pictures together!

These robes are just as beautiful as they are comfortable, and they are also custom-made for you and affordable. You can tell that Taniri Designs put love and care into making every single piece.

The robes come with a beautiful lace trim on the sleeves and bottom for a a delicate feminine look, and each one is individually wrapped and ready for gifting. This is one item that you will definitely be reusing over and over again after the big day!

Visit Taniri Designs if you want your wedding day to be magical right from the start!

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  1. Et en plus, elles ont de magnifiques chevelures. Bonne fin d'année.


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