Saturday, December 7, 2019

Non-Toxic Versatile Leather Bag by Zwuits - Get Yours at 55% Off!

Today, more and more people are aware of the harmful chemicals that seem to be lurking in everything that surrounds us. We buy organic food because we don't want to ingest pesticides, we use natural cosmetics because we have learnt that some beauty products contain carcinogens, we use safe paint to decorate our houses and make sure that our children's toys are made of natural materials or non-toxic plastic. Or at least we try to. 

But you know what? Even if you do all of the above things, there are still plenty of areas in your life where you can encounter harmful substances. For example, even though it kind of makes sense, but I have never thought of the fact that even our beloved leather bags that we carry with us every day are often treated with hazardous chemicals like chromium or lead. 

Thankfully, there is a new (and fabulous!) alternative that is non-toxic and much better for both our health and the environment. Zwuits is a new brand that came up with an amazing bag concept that uses a vegetable tanning process which eliminates all the harmful substances that are normally used on leather. And not only is it naturally tanned, it's also sustainable and ethically sourced, and the people who make these bags are paid fair wages with benefits that better their lives.

The second best thing about this design is its versatility. It can be carried as a messenger bag, backpack or briefcase so it can perfectly adapt to your lifestyle on any given day.

This waterproof bag is made of high quality full grain leather and comes with a host of useful and practical features, like different straps, multiple sections to keep your belongings organized, a variety of pockets for all kinds of different items from pens to smartphones, and a padded laptop compartment. 

If you support the Zwuits Kickstarter campaign, you get the chance to get a bag from the Limited Edition first batch at 55% off for just $231! (limited offer)

Head over to their page and be one of the first early birds to pre-order the bag!

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