Sunday, December 15, 2019

Phoenixfire Jewellery: Flame Painted Beauty

Even after years of working with apparel and accessory brands of all kinds, I still get excited when I come across a design that I have never seen before. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing new left for me to discover but thankfully, time and time again, I am proven wrong. 

When I first saw Phoenixfire Jewellery's stunning creations, not only was I struck by their beauty, I discovered a whole new artistic process that I had never heard of!

These unique pieces are made of copper and shine in many different colors, like bright gold, rose, forest green, turquoise and navy blue. They are made with a technique called flame painting, which consists in coloring copper by heating it. It sounds simple, but if you take one look at the complexity of the colors in these designs, you'll see that it is anything but.

The Phoenixfire Jewellery store includes a variety of vastly different designs, from intricate filigree to simple geometric shapes, from spiritual and religious symbols to animal and floral motifs, yet they form an absolutely homogeneous collection that bears the artist Pamela's signature aesthetic that is absolutely unlike anything I have ever worn or seen. I would describe it as fairytale fantasy with gothic undertones and a bohemian spirit.

Their selection includes earrings, necklaces and pins, as well as matching sets, all of which are a beautiful way to make an elegant fashion statement and show your personality to the world. All pieces are handcrafted with love in Minnesota and one of a kind, so if you want to stand out at holiday parties, looking for the perfect jewelry to complement your New Year's Eve dress or for a wonderful, meaningful holiday gift for a loved one, visit the Phoenixfire Jewellery online store and browse their amazing collection!

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