Sunday, December 8, 2019

Stylish Home Organizing with Homeze

Ever since I adopted a more minimalist approach to life, I've become absolutely allergic to clutter. I don't tolerate knick-knacks lying around, statuettes, snowballs and the like have been banished from our home, and even loose coins have their place now. 20-year-old me would say that's pretty impressive.

You might be wondering how I did it. Well, it took a lot of mental work, organization and deep cleaning, but if I had to give you just one key to a clean, minimalist home, it's designating a place to everything

Not only will this make your house or apartment neater and tidier, it will also save you a lot of time in the long run, because you won't spend so much of it looking for stuff you can't find. Win!

One of the things we always spent tons of time looking for is the TV remote - and I must admit it didn't have its designated place, until now. I'm pretty sure that's why it kept getting lost... that, and the fact that my 4-year-old loves to hide it in strange places... 

We just got these handy - and super stylish - remote holders from Homeze. They are aces when it comes to organizing everything from remote controls to shoes to makeup, and these little compartmentalized boxes have made such a difference in how we store stuff. 

For one, our remotes are always in the same place now; even my daughter loves to put them back in their holder. They come in many different colors, including minimalist black or white, elegant marble print, bright red, and even Van Gogh-inspired. I got the one with the Sunflowers for my in-laws, and they love it!

The great thing is that you can put anything you want in them, from makeup brushes to stationery, so these babies are just as useful in an office as they are in your home.

Homeze also sent me a set of coasters that I'm in love with! I chose the black and white version and they are really elegant (and minimalist, just the way I like them). I'm definitely using these for some upcoming holiday dinners.

Homeze products make great Christmas gift ideas because they are well-made, practical, useful and budget-friendly. Check them out for yourself; they are available on Prime as well, so you'll receive them in a matter of days just like I did.

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