Saturday, February 22, 2020

Pavlovo Posad Shawl

I have never been a huge fan of folklore in fashion, but I have one weakness: Russian shawls. I am half-Russian, after all, but I also think they look absolutely perfect with pale skin, red lips and a touch of blush.

You don't see many people walking around with this kind of scarves, especially not in Europe, so that's another thing I love about them, plus they are made of 100% wool and keep you warm even on the coldest winter days.

I don't really like overly folksy looks though, so I kept it modern with a classic black coat, a sweater dress and black leather accessories. A shawl like this will take center stage in every look it is worn with, so it's best to keep the rest of the outfit minimal.



As nature is slowly waking up from its winter slumber, it feels right to wear natural materials. Goerdt Lamberts, the creative mind and European-trained craftsman behind Things In Wood uses his incredible collection of woods from all over the world to make exactly the kind of accessories we want to wear this spring: wood inlay barrettes in contrasting colors, pill and card cases, cuff links, pendants and more. These designs are made of fair trade, reclaimed wood, so they are not simply beautiful but also environmentally friendly!

Spring cleaning is not just for homes and wardrobes - it is also a good idea to give your skin a good cleanse after the long winter months! The Beyond Skin Charcoal Masque made with pure activated charcoal from coconut shells, green tea, rose extract and pomegranate extract is a great product to use on acne prone skin. It will rebuild, repair and restore your skin, draw out impurities, give your face a radiant glow and even out your complexion. Get it on!

What's more important, style or function? When it comes to blue light blocking glasses, you shouldn't have to choose. SightlyCo is a company that specializes in high quality blue light blocking prescription glasses and polarized sunglasses that don't just look fabulous, but also filter out up to 98.7% of harmful blue light coming from the screens of our beloved electronic devices, thus preventing digital eye strain, sleep problems, headaches and irreparable retina damage. If you don't own a pair yet, go check out their website ASAP!

Children are born dreamers and visionaries, and our job is to help them keep dreaming big so they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. Your little ninja warriors will love this fantasy rayon ninja suit by YUGA. It is the perfect outfit for play, yoga, dancing and other adventures, and it's as much fun as it looks! And if you secretly wish you could also wear one yourself, I have good news for you: this style is also available in adult sizes!

Art comes in many shapes and forms, but lifestyle brand Cingulate Art takes it to a whole new level will their collection of original artwork created with artificial intelligence using neural network based algorithms. They print it on phone cases, laptop sleeves, tote bags, canvas and more, and they can even turn your images into unique digital art! Check out their amazing collection ASAP! Cingulate Art offers FREE shipping on all orders over $150, or 20% off for 3 items and more.

Dainty necklaces are the perfect subtle and elegant touch to casual and elegant outfits alike. The best way to wear them? Layered, of course! Flow Lifestyle is a brand with a beautiful selection of pendant necklaces and necklace sets that can be mixed and matched to decorate your cleavage. Choose the ones with symbols that are close to your heart, like stars or half moons, or pick a neutral, minimalist design with simple geometric shapes that you can wear every day.

If you have an online store or ever thought about starting one, you have most likely considered working with manufacturers from China. You might even be working with them right now! If so, you know that the communication and transactions are not always as smooth as they could be, due to the cultural and language barrier. Owlsourcing is a company created to eliminate this problem for you; they have been supporting small and medium sized companies (mainly from the USA and Europe) in buying and importing goods from China or other Asian countries since 2016. Get in touch with them to find out how they can make things easier for you!

Printed apparel and accessories are a great way to have fun with fashion and express yourself. MonsterTeez - a lifestyle brand specializing in printed items - is a treasure trove of creativity: they sell a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, cell phone cases and home decor, all printed with fun, modern and colorful designs that will add some zing to your outfits and home decor. Check out their website and use the code bellapummarola at checkout to get 15% off your order!

Winter is the worst time of the year for our skin and hair, so if you don't have the right products in your arsenal, it can really take a toll on your looks. I have been using shea butter on my hands for years, and I can testify that it truly is miraculous. Get your pure, fresh raw Ghanaian shea butter from grand_bazar_turkish on eBay - they are a trusted seller with hundreds of 5 star reviews - and enjoy soft, silky skin and hair all year long!

Andre Belle Grove is a new highly anticipated men’s and women’s fashion brand lead by artist/fashion designer, Daryl Foster. Each piece from this brand is either hand painted and/or sewn, which creates a uniquely beautiful product. Daryl Foster is originally from Baltimore, MD, but recently moved his brand to New York City, which created much more exposure and opportunity for brand growth. Their signature biker jackets decorated with patches, hand-painted symbols and images of pop culture icons are among their most popular designs. Check out the brand on Instagram @andrebellegrove!

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