Friday, March 6, 2020

Things In Wood: Where Nature Meets Art

Fashion is a constant whirlwind of trends and fads. Things go in and out of style before we even realize they were in style in the first place, and it can become a bit overwhelming to keep up with.

However, there are things that, in one form or another, are always present in our wardrobes and are kept on constant rotation: the evergreens. One thing that always looks fresh and fashionable is natural materials. Take wood, for example: thanks to the unique color, pattern and shape of each piece, every wooden design - be it a piece of jewelry, a hair accessory or a coffee table - is one-of-a-kind, plus it just feels good to wear or use something that comes directly from Mother Earth, with little to no modifications.

This romantic aspect of wood is especially clear in the work of Goerdt Lamberts, European-trained designer and craftsman behind Things In Wood, a Maine-based brand specializing in handmade fine wooden jewelry and accessories. In several decades of working in his trade Goerdt has built a collection of various woods from around the world that are truly beyond imagination.

What I love about his designs is that he takes something as primal as wood and turns it into wearable art that is modern, extravagant and all kinds of cool. His barrettes and pill cases have an enthusiastic worldwide fan base, which is not surprising at the least, as these pieces are an easy and effortless way to always have something unique and beautifully handmade in your look. Not to mention that these pieces are made of fair trade, reclaimed wood, so they are environmentally friendly!

While you can always slip a pill box in your pocket so you can carry your medications or other small items with you in style, wearing wooden barrettes requires a keen fashion sense. Let's see some of the best ways to wear them:

1. With a romantic, flowy maxi dress. Boho-chic dresses call for loose waves and effortless half-up half-down hairdos, and a wood barrette is the perfect accessory for these kind of looks.

2. Minimal outfits. The clean, sleek lines and geometric patterns of Things In Wood barrettes are a great complement to modern, minimalist looks.

3. Give your favorite casual denim look a touch of country charm. For this kind of look, try the oversized barrettes with a natural live edge from the brand's new Dare to Wear collection.

Visit the store and browse their collections that also include wooden cuff links, tie and money clips, earrings, card holders and more! Custom work is also available - with the wood and color accents of your choice - so you can personalize your order exactly the way you want it.


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