Sunday, March 22, 2020

Unapologetic Style by

Expressing ourselves through fashion and having fun with our look has been an essential part of being a woman since the beginning of time. But having fun with fashion is not just about mixing and matching colors and silhouettes, trying out new trends and browsing Instagram for inspiration. It's also about making a statement, loud and clear, showing your personality to the world and being unapologetic about it. That's not simply fun, that's empowering.

If you are looking for some spirited clothing designs to add to your spring wardrobe, you should check out They are a relationship-based women's clothing brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their designs are just what we all need to boost our mood and self-confidence ahead of the new season. 

Their fabulous printed tees pack a lot of sass and so much personality that they can easily turn a casual look into an Instagram-worthy fashion statement. 

They have just launched their new Spring/Summer 2020 product line called "Bliss by BreakUpEasy". It consists of 21 unique designs for women of all sizes and from all walks of life, created by the brand's creative director Serita Sampson and divided into 3 categories: Empower, Flirt and Finesse. They represent the different facets of the modern girl who can do anything she wants to do and be anything she wants to be.

The line includes different styles: crew neck tees, tank tops, crop tops and V-neck tees that you can wear with all your favorite jeans, leggings, sweats or denim shorts.

Visit the store now to browse their selection and take advantage of their limited time special offer: free shipping when purchasing 3 shirts or more!

Don't forget to follow BreakUpEasy on social media to keep up with promotions, contests and giveaways!

Instagram: @BreakUpEasy
Official Website:

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