Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Custom Fashion Lapel Pins by GSJJ

Lapel pins are one of the most underrated fashion accessories, in my opinion. They are such a fun way to spice up your outfits and show your personality to the world that I honestly don't understand why more fashion brands are not making and selling them. But the fact that you might not come across them at your average mall retailer, doesn't mean they are difficult to find.

Actually, you can even create your very own, customized fashion lapel pin designs in a matter of minutes! GSJJ is a website that offers an easy-to-use online design tool with thousands of ready-made elements for inspiration, that allows you to design custom lapel pins in just 5 minutes!



If you don't usually wear pins, you might be wondering what purpose they can serve. I'm so glad you asked! Here's a list:

1. They can be the perfect accessory to match your favorite looks, especially if you can customize the design! Match your lapel pin to your handbag, shoes, hair band, or even your favorite nail polish!

2. A thoughtful gift. Nothing says that you care about a person quite like a personalized gift - it shows that you know their tastes and want them to be truly happy.

3. Show your team allegiance. If you are a hardcore fan of a sports team, a lapel pin is a subtle and classy way to show them some love.


4. A nice touch to your company culture. Whether it is a stylish accessory to complement your staff's uniform or a gift to your clients, a pin with your company logo will expand your brand experience.

5. Mark a special occasion like a wedding or a bachelorette party. 

6. Start your own brand! Experiment with different designs and create your own line of pins to sell online or in a physical store.


At GSJJ, there is no minimum order quantity and shipping is free, so what's stopping your from getting started right now?

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